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BNS celebrates birthday deal

Press Release – March 16, 2011 – Appeared in various digital media

BNS celebrates birthday deal

Bristol-based property management company BNS Management Services celebrated its fifth birthday this week by signing up its 150th residential block – citing outstanding local knowledge as a key factor in its success.
The landmark block joins an impressive portfolio of properties including prestige city centre developments and upmarket waterfront apartments at Portishead Marina.

BNS Managing Director Andrew Simmonds said in-depth knowledge of the Bristol area coupled with a growing reputation for reliable servicing had helped steer the company through choppy economic waters.

He said: “We launched back in 2006 so had to contend with the downturn in the property market almost from day one. It’s a real achievement to go from 15 to 150 residential blocks in five years, especially as property has been hardest hit of any sector.
“It proves businesses that provide good service at a fair price can thrive despite the downturn.”

Based in Downend, Bristol, Andrew Simmonds said the firm’s strong local connections, rapid response times and reliability had established its reputation as one of the city’s leading property management agents.

“We have built up our portfolio on the principle that managing costs does not mean neglect. It means finding the best value in everything we look at. Although we have seen rapid growth, we are also careful only to take on new blocks where we know we can do a good job with fast reactions.”

BNS had already taken over prestige apartment blocks in Portishead Marina from national management agents Peverel – before the holding company behind Peverel went into administration last week.

Andrew Simmonds said: “We have all read about the difficulties the holding company behind Peverel is in and can understand the concerns of residents across Bristol who have no idea who will end up running their apartment blocks.

“As agents ourselves we know residents are first and foremost looking for peace of mind.”

He said managing the paperwork for 150 blocks – more than 3,000 individual units – could be a headache, but grouping them together in such things as a bespoke insurance package had proved particularly effective.