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New system to speed up repairs

Bristol Evening Post РWednesday December 7, 2011 

New system to speed up repairs 

A Downend businessman has come up with a novel way to help landlords and tenants deal with problems in their homes.

Andrew Simmonds, managing director of BNS Management Services, has created an online reporting system so people living in residential blocks can tell their agents about problems such as blown light bulbs and broken door entry systems.
Using the system, other residents and the property management company can see what has been reported and track the way it is being dealt with by logging on to

BNS use the system in the 150 apartment blocks it manages in the city.

Mr Simmonds said: “It enables people to report on and be updated on issues 24 hours a day from their computer, tablet or smart phone. Residents in the same block can see that an issue has been reported and they can see how we are dealing with it.

“It makes managing a property much more transparent and for BNS, means that we can communicate with all residents in one block under one feed, saving everyone time, telephone calls and hassle.

“In addition it means that we can be held to account by the people who live or have invested in the blocks we look after. There is now really nowhere for us to hide.”

Residents in Bristol are the first to use the system and it is hoped that it will speed up repairs and benefit those who have invested or live in the block.