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Steve Morgan part of the Maintenance Team explains his job role at BNS and why he loves it!

I am part of the property maintenance team at BNS and although I trained as an electrician I also have a wide and varied skill base allowing me to action a variety of works from weeding, sweeping and changing light bulbs to carrying out more in-depth works such as roof repairs or tracing water leaks.

I have been part of the BNS family for three and a half years working closely with the property managers and dealing with the issues that require reactive maintenance.

I am also part of the BNS 247 on-call team so when the office is closed, the emergencies come straight through to me from residents. In the past I have been called out to people trapped in a lift and clients dealing with a burst pipe flooding their property. These are very stressful situations for the residents to find themselves in but it’s great to be there to help. Our phones are always on so we’re available at the drop of a hat.

I have always enjoyed being hands on in my work and so when I joined BNS I found it was perfect for me. I became part of a great team, I get great job satisfaction and I have the ability to progress further.