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BLOG POST - 24 JULY 2015

BLOG POST - 24 JULY 2015

Silly season is officially upon us and as many jet off on their well-earned holidays we thought it would be useful to offer a reminder of how to ensure your home is safe while you are away.

Here’s our top tips -

•    Turn off your water supply at the stop tap to avoid issues such as burst pipes.

•    Turn off electrical items and remove all plugs from the wall sockets.

•    Lock all doors and windows including interior ones and keep keys in a safe place.

•    Check your household insurance is updated and covers your property while you are away.

•    Make sure your home doesn’t look unoccupied. Wherever possible ask neighbours, family or friends to pop round to draw curtains, collect post and help make your home look lived in.

•    If you have a trusty managing agent like BNS just let us know your plans and leave us your contact details in case of an emergency.

Preparing your property could make the difference between happy holidays and holidays from hell!