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BNS MD Andrew Simmonds has set himself a new challenge for later this year and luckily the boys at Forest Green Rovers are helping him on his way. He explains what he’s going to be getting up to and what on earth came over him!

“I’ve been wanting to set myself a bit of a challenge for a while now. Working hard every day and coming home to spend time with my family is great but I really wanted to push myself in to doing something outside of my comfort zone and that’s when my great idea to do the upcoming Mo-Run in November came in!

“Now those who know me well will know that I’ve never run for a bus so a 5k run is a big deal and I was going to need some serious help. As a proud sponsor of local team Forest Green Rovers FC they were the first place I turned and luckily they agreed to help train me.

“This week I took part in my very first training session with FGR fitness and conditioning coach Neil Withington, who will be putting me through my paces for the next few months. The session went surprisingly well and I headed off home to enjoy some Quorn fajitas (I can actually highly recommend!)

“The serious point to this is to encourage participation in these events, not only to raise vital charitable funds, but also to raise awareness for men’s health and wellbeing.

“It's also an excuse to shed some lbs (hopefully) and get a little fitter to boot!

“I'm raising funds for a charity of which I am proud to be a Trustee - Round Table Children's Wish.  Check out their website at for further information.

“I'll keep you updated on my progress and you never know if I hit my fundraising target I might pull another surprise!”

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