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Hectic lifestyles are leading owners in flats, shared houses and housing developments across Bristol to use professional managing agents to run their property or development according to one of the city’s leading property management agencies.

Bristol-based BNS Property Management has reported an increase in the number of self-managed blocks switching to agency-managed agreements as a way to reduce stress, increase efficiency and save money.

BNS managing director Andrew Simmonds said people working full-time, raising a family and keeping an active social life have no time or inclination to deal with the intricacies and pitfalls of managing a block of flats or housing estate.

Andrew said: “Nowadays people’s lifestyles are so hectic that things like making sure lightbulbs are changed in communal areas and scouring the internet for better deals on electricity tariffs are way down on their list of priorities.

“We’ve noticed a marked increase in the number of blocks and developments coming to us which have previously been managed by owners for years because people just don’t have the time and energy to do it themselves anymore. Our clients would much rather see
friends and family or do something active when they get home from work, rather than chairing a meeting, working out service charge budgets, organising insurance or arranging for works to be quoted for and undertaken. 

“The benefits of a professional agency taking care of things are endless. Not only does it save precious time, economies of scale mean it also saves money in terms of works carried out and services provided.

“A managing agent also removes the personal aspect of running a property or development meaning the directors are not left in an uncomfortable position asking fellow owners and neighbours to do things a certain way or pay for something.

“Liability is also a huge issue when managing a property and appointing an agent gives peace of mind that everything is being done above board with substantial insurance backing. Similarly, agents are able to keep on top of latest regulations and legislations as well as
any health and safety issues. This is particularly important due to the liability falling to all owners at developments.

“In the case of BNS we have the ability to draw on pools of professional contractors and an in-house maintenance team who can attend jobs within the hour if needed. Furthermore, we operate a 24-hour service so when issues arise in the middle of the night they can
be dealt with by the professionals.”

BNS Property Management, run by brothers Andrew and Ian Simmonds, looks after over 250 developments across the South West with a reputation for strong local connections, rapid response times and reliability, establishing it as one of the region’s leading property managing agents. It offers a bespoke service for both large and small properties as well as housing estates and public open spaces.

Andrew continued: “What our clients benefit from the most is the knowledge of how to manage a property, no matter the size, how old it is or how many people live there. Our state-of-the-art online management system also allows clients to log on and view the
progress of any issues remotely at any time, check finances and report any matters that arise.

“In this day and age, any service which makes life easier and saves money is one worth paying for!”