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BLOG - 15 JANUARY 2016

BLOG - 15 JANUARY 2016

We’ve had a very exciting week at BNS after hearing a charity appeal by chance on the radio! Read more about how we joined up with local man David Millard to deliver three vans of donations to those affected by the floods in Yorkshire and Lancashire.

Cricketer David Millard, who was involved in a tragic car accident last year, wanted to do something to repay the cricket community which provided him with support, and so began an appeal to help cricket clubs and their members who had been affected by flooding in the North.

After hearing that David needed help transporting the generous donations we immediately offered the use of two of our vans and two drivers to collect the goods and deliver them to the Ribble Valley!

Donations poured in from cricket clubs across the South West including Gloucester, Weston-super-Mare, Somerset, Taunton, Knowle and Whitchurch, so much so that we needed to find a third vehicle and so called on our friends at City West Commercials to help out.

The donations were gratefully received by the volunteers at the Whalley Lions and everyone commented on the variety and quality of the goods.

Not only has a great deed been done by David and everyone else who’s helped out, there has also been a lot of media interest in the project, which will hopefully generate even more donations and funds for the flood victims.

We like to get involved with as many charity projects as possible. Helping with this project has shown us how much generosity there is everywhere; it’s amazing what can be achieved when people pull together.